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G.R.S. Electrical Engineers began in 1977 with three Louth electricians: Martin Smith, John Riggall, and Brian Gilliatt. They quickly established a reputation for quality and service.

The company grew steadily, taking on more staff and larger contracts.  They outgrew their initial premises and relocated to a larger space with a warehouse and retail outlet.  Their success continued, with contracts coming in from across the country.

Just  some of the 30 staff at G.R.S prepared for work. The company now has a fleet of 16 vans. The future looks bright for the electrical engineers.

The need for signage during electrical installations led G.R.S. to invest in an engraving machine.  This initially served internal needs but has grown into a full-fledged service for the trade and public.

G.R.S. values its personal touch and commitment to exceptional service. While they've achieved significant growth, they plan to maintain a manageable size to ensure they can continue to provide these core values to their customers.

YTS employee Steve Tindall is lept busy in the G.R.S engraving department. Here he shows just a few of the badges and signs that are avaliable.

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