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Oundle Mill In Deep Water!

Wednesday, 16th January 2013 Oundle Mill In Deep Water!

During the recent floods at the end of 2012, Oundle Mill in Northamptonshire was placed 'in deep water'.

Our engineers were called back to one of GRS Electrical's favourite past project sites to try to help diagnose and rectify the issues caused by the entire ground floor of the building being filled by waist height river water.

The floodgates on the River Nene were opened on the 1st December 2012 and shortly after that, water began to pour into the hotel. 


By Sunday afternoon (2nd December), the flow of water had become so strong, the re-enforced glass wall in the reception area of the hotel gave-way and water then dramatically flowed through the entire ground floor, forcing the people inside to evacuate via the first floor.


On arriving at the hotel once the water had subsided, our engineers were shocked at the level of damage within such a short space of time. The mill itself had been restored so sympathetically we're sure all those involved in the original renovations feel equally as dismayed at the news of the floods here. Secondary flooding occured over the Christmas period, leaving 7inches of water running through the ground floor once again. With the Christmas and New Year of 2012 quoted as being 'the busiest yet' by Paul Richardson, the hotel manager; Christmas 2012 was certainly cancelled for the expected guests as well as the owners of Oundle Mill. Paul also thanked those who had booked to attend over Christmas for being so understanding of the situation.

With extensive work now necessary and all of the complexities which come with restoring old buildings, it is unsure when the hotel will be able to open its doors again. The secondary flooding over the Christmas holidays has caused further delays of approximately 5 weeks. Work is currently underway to bring the building back to its former glory, all of those parties involved in the re-fitting process are working as quickly as possible to bring back the warm (and dry!) welcome to Oundle Mill.

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