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Sparkling Future for GRS

Wednesday, 15th February 2012 Sparkling Future for GRS

Another Louth firm to take advantage of the timely arrival of Louth Trading Estate is the well-known electrical contracting form of G.R.S.

They have moved into two large units on the estate, giving them over double their original working space. In addition to their extremely well equipped workshop  and office section the firm have now introduced a trade counter with comprehensive back up of spares and accessories. Here the electrician can buy anything from a plug or a light bulb to the most comprehensive electrical systems.

G.R.S. started business in 1977 when Martin Smith, John Riggal and Brian Gilliat (father of present partner Ian) left their individual firms and joined forces to form G.R.S. Ian Gilliat joined the company some nine months later. Their base was in Allanby Cres. Fotherby.

Since their early days all three partners worked hard to build-up the reputation of professional and efficient service from complete factory installations and farm installations to mending small electrical appliances.

With the company’s expansion they have also added more staff with three electricians, Dennis Steadman, Andrew Brownley and Alan Hodgson; three apprentices, Nicholas Hudson, Martin Tubb and Andrew Burton; a stores manager, Ron Shaw; Janet Albott, secretary and Joan Riggal, part-time secretary. The three partners were very anxious to point out that all their wives were also called upon from time to time to do their bit.

The company is registered with both the main electrical contractors associations — and their work is regularly inspected by association representatives to ensure their high standard is kept up.

The three partners, all local fellas, are not about to sit back and take things easy. They are always on a 24 hour service call out and still can be found in at the “deep end” on most of their contracts.