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Bristol Water Fountain Sleaford

Thursday, 25th July 2019 Bristol Water Fountain Sleaford

GRS are pleased to be working for Carre Heritage Ltd on The Bristol Water Fountain, Sleaford, Restoration Project. Thanks to a £34,000 National Lottery Heritage Fund grant, the town’s ornate Bristol Water Fountain will be brought back into use for the first time since 1904.

The Fountain was used for only 30 years before being shut off in 1904, just three years before plastic was invented. Its initial purpose of providing safe clean water has largely been forgotten and in recent years the Fountain has been at risk of irreversible decline, but this project will restore the Water Fountain and will allow Sleaford’s residents to once again be able to use the Fountain for fresh water, refilling their own bottles for free.

Schools will have the opportunity to learn about its history, alongside the importance of clean drinking water and plastic waste reduction as Sleaford Museum, which received funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund in 2013, will create an accompanying exhibition.

GRS will be providing power and the relevant controls needed for the water solenoid valve, whilst also installing lighting to the roof of the fountain.